How I get world-class Business Coaching FOR FREE!

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Recently I was asked ‘what is the best piece of advice you would give to a business owner for staying inspired?’. I could list stacks of ideas that would cover all the usual things like, getting a mentor, reading good books, going to conferences etc etc. But the truth is that business owners are incredibly busy and often to do these things comes at the cost of stopping something more important to fit it in.

The thing that has been the number one regular source of inspiration for me in my business life has been listening to great Podcasts.

How I get world-class Business Coaching FOR FREE!

There are people all over the world dedicated to delivering great content and amazing interviews for FREE. You can literally get world class interviews with everyone from fortune 500 CEOS’s to New York times best selling authors, to olympians and presidents. Most of us wouldn’t even have the ability to ask the right questions to really capitalise on a conversation with a living legend if we had the opportunity, but a great podcast interviewer will really delve deep into topics in a way that brings out the most value possible to the audience.

These podcasts are free in the iTunes store and are ready for you at the click of a button!

It’s easy to find some dead time in your day when you’re doing something that doesn’t require too much brain power. This allows you to listen at the same time. For example, I fit in podcast listening in such times:

  • in the morning if I’m going for a run or hitting the gym.
  • whenever I’m in the car driving – not just to and from work.
  • if I’m washing dishes, mowing lawns, folding washing or any other household chores.
  • and when my wife says she’ll be 5 mins and I know it’s going to be 25 mins.

This list alone gives me at least 7-10hrs p/w where I can double my productivity, stay inspired and most importantly, LEARN!!!

There’s thousands of podcasts on the itunes store that cover almost every topic you can imagine, so I’ll admit, it can be a little overwhelming when you first log in and search.

It’s good to be recommended a couple quality podcasts to get you started, so I’ve included a list of my favourite podcasts below. I have followed all of these shows for at least 3-4 years and have received tremendous value from them. They cover a range of topics from business strategy, leadership, money management, marketing, and productivity.  There’s also some good philosophy, apologetics and theology in there to keep my mind sharp.

I hope this can be of some value to someone looking to squeeze a bit of inspiration into an already busy schedule. Please feel free to email me if you have a great podcast to recommend.

– Jonny Wilson owns and operates 4 businesses in the music industry (Goodtime Music Academy, NZ Music Missions, Rad Rhythm, and Jonny and the Dreamboats). He is passionate about creating musical opportunities for every child in the Greater Wellington region. To learn more about Jonny, google his businesses mentioned above). You can reach him at :

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