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Our clients are entrepreneurs. People with a vision to improve their world through outstanding products and services that will benefit their clients, provide employment for others and support their families. They are highly ethical, embrace technology, and are always looking to improve their business. If that sounds like you then we will really enjoy working with you.

We are a global, virtual, cloud accounting and consulting firm. Specializing in Xero – a completely cloud-based accounting platform, our mission is to help entrepreneurs create sustainable and profitable businesses. We have offices in the Washington State (USA), Wellington (New Zealand) and Toronto (Canada) regions – but you’ll never need to visit them as we are completely virtual.


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  • Small Business Accountant

Xero Accountant


Fuel Accountants was founded by Peter McCarroll in 2006.  In 2013 Peter was awarded Xero’s coveted “Most Valuable Professional” award (the first-ever recipient) and is a qualified accountant in both New Zealand and Canada.  He started his career in his Father’s accounting practice in 1988, worked for Deloitte for 11 years, and served as a Pastor for 4 years.  He has lived in Canada, the United States and New Zealand.  He has been married to Anna for more than 25 years and has 4 kids and no pets.

Our global team of accountants, consultants and bookkeepers serve entrepreneurs all over the world.  Here are some of the things that we hold sacred in our business:

  • Technology – we are committed to the leading edge of technology. We adopt the best-of-breed tools and techniques in our business and want you to do the same.
  • Proactive – we don’t want to wait to tax time to speak to you or sort out your problems. That’s why we have our no-fee support policy and our mid-year tune-ups.
  • Truthful – we promise to tell you the truth – even when you don’t want to hear it (so if your baby is ugly don’t show us pictures!).
  • Profit – far from being a dirty word, it is the life-blood of business. We strive to help you make more of it.
  • Education – we’re constantly learning and improving and will help you do the same.

Your choice of accountant is an important one. There are many people in the market place offering bookkeeping and accounting services but they are not all equal.

Here is what you get from Fuel Accountants:

  • Fully qualified CPA/CA
  • Up-front pricing for agreed services
  • Monthly payment plans
  • No unexpected invoices
  • Free phone calls and emails
  • Regular contact with us – service throughout the year, not just at tax time
  • Regular management reports
  • Formal year-end accounts
  • Access to our world-class Business Growth System
  • Profit Coaching
  • Flexible, upgradable packages of services
  • Pro-active consulting/advisory services
  • Regulatory compliance management


At Fuel Accountants our mission is to help you be successful in your business.  We want to see your business grow and we want to see you make more money and have a greater impact on your world.

We are not like other accountants.  We don’t “sell” tax returns – we supply a year-round accounting and business support service that helps your business stay on track, grow and prosper. 

All our clients receive our proactive accounting support service as well as access to our private client education portal and Profit First education.

We’ll design a coaching and accounting support programme with you that will help you achieve your personal and business goals.

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Legal Stuff About Us

This website is a joint venture between several entities operating under the Fuel Accounting brand.

Accounting Services in the USA are provided by Combined IQ Inc. - incorporated in Washington, USA.
Accounting Services in New Zealand and Australia are provided by Fuel Accounting (NZ) Limited – incorporated in New Zealand.
Accounting Services in the rest of the world are provided by Fuel Accounting Professional Corporation – incorporated in Ontario, Canada
Xero support, consulting and the fuelmy.biz site is provided by Business Express Technologies Inc – incorporated in Canada.

Serving clients virtually across Canada, USA, New Zealand, Vancouver, Washington, Portland, Oregon and all around the globe.