Need a live person to help you get your Xero ledger working just right?

We offer live remote support that can help you with:

  • fixing bank reconciliation problems
  • connecting add-on products
  • cleaning up your chart of accounts
  • reconciling our fixed assets
  • sorting out you supplier bills
  • creating docx invoice templates
  • coaching you on how to get the best use out of Xero for a certain problem
  • and much more…

We know that we’re really good and know the Xero system inside out.  But there are always things that we know we are not qualified in.  These include US, UK and AU payroll and AU BAS & UK VAT returns,  While we have qualified accounting staff (NZ and Canadian Chartered Accountants) we are not a substitute for your professional accountant on local matters of sales tax, payroll, income tax and reporting issues – so you should direct those questions to people qualified in those areas.

Booking is available for either 15 or 30 minutes.   Any more than this and you will probably need our consulting service.  Please note that support fees are not refundable.  1 hours notice is required to reschedule an appointment.  Support calls are limited to 30 minutes per issue.  If your session needs more time that this then our consultation rate will be invoiced to you.





Free Support Options

Not ready to pay for expert Xero support? Just need to ask a quick question?  No problem!

Free support is always available from Xero.  Their support team is fantastic and very responsive.  Email or send a message from within your Xero ledger.  You can also post a question on the Xero Community website – we are the most active Xero Advisor of the forum, so we may even be the ones answering your question!

Need more in-depth support?

When our 15 or 30 minute support options just won’t do, we offer hourly consultation to work on more in-depth options.   If your support session reaches it’s concluded time we will refer you to our consultation service.  See below for more details.


Our pre-paid support service is great for many issues, but sometimes your problem is just too big for live remote support. We have the option of spending anywhere from one hour to several weeks working on your project. Some of the things we have done in the past include:

  • Creating new Xero ledgers
  • Converting data from a legacy system
  • Integration with add-on products
  • Sorting out integration issues
  • Sorting out bank reconciliation issues
  • Investigating errant suspense accounts and clearing
  • Design API integration with your system

The list is endless. Remember, we are certified in Vend and Unleashed, experts in Excel Macros and have developers on staff for even deeper work. The best way to start is to book a 30 minute support call so that we can discuss your needs and create a plan for how to address them. If you are ready to book a full-on consulting session, then please click here if you are based in Canada, and here for everyone else.

The list is endless. We’ve designed ways to get data from other systems into Xero (that you’re accountant will thank you for), built Excel Macros, designed API integrations, and even built stand-alone applications (yes, we have developers on staff). Whether you just need guidance to get in the right direction, or just want it done, we can help.

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