profit first accounting

No business can survive very long without profit. Far from being a “dirty word” it is the life blood of every successful business. Our valet plan builds upon our self or full service plans and adds profit-based coaching services built around the “Profit First” book by Mike Michalowicz. The Profit First methodology is designed to eliminate entrepreneurial poverty.

profit first accounting

As certified Profit First Professionals we’re able to help you plan and implement the Profit First methodology in your business. You don’t need to have read the book, but it certainly doesn’t hurt (we’ll give you a free copy if you haven’t got one).

The goal of our Profit First coaching programme is to help YOU get paid first & well!

As a result of the Profit First coaching programme you will:

  • have an assessment of where your business is now
  • have a vision of where we want to get to and a road map of milestones along the way
  • learn how to set funds aside every month
  • have monthly accountability and support
  • receive monthly reports that include budgets and cash flow forecasts
  • ensure that money is set aside for taxes – ready when it is needed
  • build a reserve for emergencies
  • pay yourself like the “most valuable employee” that you are
  • have a quarterly dividend that you can go crazy with
profit first accounting

We find that implementing Profit First works best when we take over your full accounting system. This way you are free to work ON your business and not dragged down by bookkeeping and working as much IN your business.

If you would like Profit First coaching without being a full bookkeeping or accounting client, we can do that to
– but we have some requirements! We can create a plan that suits your needs and budget!

The monthly fee for this level of service is surprisingly inexpensive!

profit first accounting



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