Core Services

We don’t want to be one of those accountants that you only talk to at tax time. We are your year-round partner. Regardless of which service level you select you can rest assured that we’ve got your back every step of the way.

Here are the things that all clients get:

  • Our No-Surprise Fee Policy
  • No-charge for asking questions
  • Cloud Accounting Software Included
  • Proactive tune-ups
  • Full Year-End Workup
  • Profit First Coaching Programme

We hate surprises as much as you do. Our monthly fee is designed to cover ALL the work that we do for you throughout the year. You will never receive a surprise invoice from us. If you ask us to do work that is not covered by our agreed fee, or the scope of work changes over time we will advise you and discuss before we incur additional time.

When you are stuck you just need to get moving. We take the stress out of asking questions and promise that there will never be a charge or a fee when you ask a question. If you are having trouble with the accounting software or just have a general business question, we’re here to help. Our fair use policy (we call it the “ten minute rule”) does apply – but we’re pretty generous.


We believe in providing the best solutions available. We’re certified experts in the Xero on-line accounting system and have chosen this as our system of choice and are award-winning Xero advisors and partners. If you’re not already using Xero we’ll take care of converting you over and training you. If you’re using Quickbooks Online you can usually keep using this – but we prefer Xero!

Depending on your needs and service level, we will schedule a few times during the year when an accountant will look at your ledger and give it the once over. We look for reconciliation issues and some of the most common problems that we see every day. If necessary, we will schedule a call to teach you how to avoid the problems that we find.

In addition to our periodic tune ups we do a complete review of your ledger at year-end. We ensure that everything on your Balance Sheet is properly recorded and accounted for. We make any accrual adjustments needed to get your accounts tax-ready and ensure that everything has been properly balanced and reconciled.

As a Profit First Professional firm we want all our clients taking advantage of the Profit First methodology to grow their business, improve cash flow and make more money. Our Valet plan is a full-on implementation and support package that gives you active support and personal monthly coaching. For all other plans you have access to our private member site with extensive business growth resources to help you along the way as well as our Monthly group coaching webinar. And once your year-end accounts are completed you get a one-hour call with your coach to ensure that you understand the results and to plan for the future.


Serving clients virtually across Canada, USA, New Zealand, Vancouver, Washington, Portland, Oregon and all around the globe.