The only thing worse than receiving negative feedback is receiving “constructive feedback…”

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Whenever I’ve heard someone tell me they’d like to give me feedback on something, the antennas go up and I brace myself for some REALLY BAD NEWS… That’s how things usually roll in life, right?

Who likes to hear that they’ve done terrible work, or botched a job? Yet, while giving difficult feedback can be difficult on our side, maybe it’s time to consider the effect of NOT giving that feedback.

When an employee, customer or vendor goes sideways and messes up, or exhibits terrible behavior, an intervention is definitely warranted. Why not just let it slide? Because it sends an unintended message to the rest of the organization that it’s ok to act out and violate the values of the company. 

It’s your job as a leader to step up and maintain proper decorum and adherence to company values. Is that easy to do? Heck no. But it is essential for long term success.

How can you develop the bravery needed to have that intervention? Ask yourself this question:

What is prompting you to give performance feedback in the first place? There must be a stinky fish somewhere causing dysfunction in the organization. That dysfunction negatively affects both the productivity and the culture of your company. It also robs the person or people involved of the opportunity of performance improvement and growth. At Fuel Accountants we have developed a “Performance Improvement Plan” method designed to attack the problem without attacking the person. We call it “Fuel My Performance.”  We use it to identify and create an opportunity of reframing dysfunctional mentality into an actionable set of steps designed to get things on the right track by identifying the skills needed, along with their accompanying behaviors. The desired outcome is to get the person back in sync with themselves, their team, and our company. 

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