Q. I get that you may be a higher-level accounting firm than my current set up, I’m concerned that your fees are going to be unaffordable?

A. We understand that many companies have a fairly simplistic or bare bones method of doing the books, paying bills, handling taxes and compliance.

And that while these systems may not achieve the most impact on your bottom line…they are very inexpensive.

But, we would like you to think about this by way of example:

Let’s say your bookkeeping or accounting costs you $1,000 a year.

Affordable for almost any business.

But what if you’ve been overpaying taxes by $3,000 a year due to the lack of utilizing every 100% legal tax savings strategy you aren’t utilizing now.

And let’s add to the example that you’ve been in business for 10 years with your current accounting functions.

So, if you had wasted $3,000 a year in needless taxes for those ten years…you would have $30,000 less in available cash you could have re-invested in the business or taken home after taxes.

That’s a lot of money. A lot more then the $10,000 you paid for your accounting fees, right?

OK so you may be concerned about fees, but in this very common example we see similar stories about every week…how much did the owner lose by “saving money” on low cost, low results services?

Make sense?

But here’s the deal. You don’t have to risk or spend a penny to find out if your accounting/bookkeeping may be costing you thousands of dollars a year or more in overpaid taxes or other expanses!     

We offer a totally FREE CONSULTATION to review your business’ financial situation in detail to help you figure out if:

  • Everything you’re doing is tip top, and no changes necessary.
  • Some of what you’re doing is OK, and other aspects could use improving.
  • You’re wasting a lot of money and serious changes should be considered.

So, sometimes “saving money” could actually be a very costly exercise. Are you certain your business isn’t caught in this trap?

Why not find out for NO COST, NO OBLIGATION, without any sales pitch?

Most of our clients are shocked to discover how much money and time they’ve unfortunately wasted until they went through our objective, Fuel Accountants FREE Consultation to dig through your situation and see how much we can find that can make a significant impact on your income, time and anxiety.

To find out how our unique approach to business and accounting can help you, please book your free appointment  here.

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