Q. I’ve been using the same accounting and tax service for years. Why would I switch services when I think the current accountants are doing a fine job?

A. Most of our clients had an accounting or bookkeeping service before they switched to Fuel Accountants. So why do they switch instead of sticking with their past providers?

Well, there are many reasons. Here’s a quick recap of some of the critical reasons why:

When we talk to a new, prospective client we frequently find issues that have cost the client a fortune in lost profits due to mistakes or inaccurate accounting functions including but not limited to:

Not taking advantage of ALL 100% legal tax savings opportunities. Unfortunately, many accountants and bookkeepers do not take a proactive stance on tax matters. It is very common for us to discover that the client has needlessly overpaid their taxes year after year after year…without knowing or realizing your profits are being cut because of paying too much in taxes.

Taxes can be very complicated and there can be circumstances where businesses think they’re paying the right amount…when upon review it turns out all legal strategies to cut taxes have not been employed…thus costing thousands or more being unnecessarily flushed down the sewer.

One of the biggest tell-tale signs that your taxes may be too high is if your current providers do a detailed tax projection and tax planning BEFORE the year is over…or if they do not.

Most firms simply react to taxes upon tax filing time, or answer tax strategy questions YOU bring up to them. That’s the opposite of how Fuel Accountants works. We sit down with you to get into the weeds understand the financial details of your business, especially the tax situation.

We do TAX PLANNING to help you figure what options you have to manage your tax burden AHEAD OF TIME, instead of merely recording history at the end of your tax year.

TAX PLANNING is the key. If your present firm is tax reactive…as opposed to tax proactive…there’s a high degree of likelihood you’ve been sending money to the government that should instead be YOURS!

So…are you 100% sure your accounting folks have reduced your taxes to the lowest legal limits? If not, an objective tax and financial review is a great idea.

What have you got to lose? If your taxes are already as low as legally possible…that’ll be great news.

If your taxes are way too high…that’ll be informative news you’ll welcome. You may not be able to recapture any overpaid taxes from the past but you can stop the bleeding as of right now!

Your current providers may not show you accounting methods that can increase profits and lower expenses. Accounting is an art and a science. Two businesses in the same industry with similar products and revenues can show very different bottom lines depending on how the accounting decisions are made and implemented.

Many accounting firms handle clients the same way. One size fits all might be fine for party hats but not for your books. Each business has unique aspects that must be understood and analyzed to arrive at the best way to handle your books. Not surprisingly, most accountants don’t want to do the hard work to get into the tiniest of details that can make a huge difference in your profit results.

We do take the time and energy to provide a risk-free way for you to get a “second opinion” to make sure your accounting and finances are being maximized.

You may not be getting the best value for your money with your current accounting or bookkeeping fees. You could be paying more than you should, or you could actually need different services than you’re getting now. You might be a great candidate for our Self Service Plan, a “Do-It-Yourself (DIY)” program that can still provide the best outcomes…but you do more of the accounting/bookkeeping work yourself. It’s been our experience that most business owners are not getting the proper services for the lowest fees possible.

Finally, we’re not saying anything negative about you or your current providers of financial and accounting services. But, a high percentage of business owners we do a free analysis for, discover that they have been:

Wasting money in professional fees,

Overpaying taxes,

Not earning the maximum net profit they could,

Not taking the maximum income home for your family,

Working too hard and too long for not enough money,

Stuck in a job with their business, instead of enjoying the full benefits of a self-employed business owner!

So, are you 100% sure you’re taking home the most amount possible?

100% sure?

Most of our clients are shocked to discover how much money and time they’ve unfortunately wasted until they went through our objective, Fuel Accountants FREE Consultation to dig through your situation and see how much we can find that can make a significant impact on your income, time and anxiety.

To find out how our unique approach to business and accounting can help you, please book your free appointment here.

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