Canada Emergency Response Benefit

The Canadian Federal government has announced a benefit program for those who are out of employment due to the COVID-19 lockdown.
Updates since the video was recorded:

  • The Prime Minister announced 15 April that workers earning less that $1,000 a month can still apply for the CERB.  This will be great news for self-employed people as it takes away this “not working” and “no income” issue.  This has yet to be documented, so stay tuned for updates.
  • The CERB program has now ended.  The EI program has been enhanced to offer ongoing assistance.  Workers not eligible for EI (such as self-employed persons) have a new CRB benefit (see here for a complete list of post-CERB options).
  • Here’s the outline from the video:

    * = updates to the outline since the video was recorded

  • Eligibility Criteria
    • Resident Individuals 15+ years old
    • At least $5000 in employment income in 2019 in 12 months prior to application
      • Can include dividends from Small Business Corps
    • Stopped work and not earning due to COVID-19 (not quit) (April 15: up to $1,000 is now permitted)
      • First application must satisfy for 14 consecutive days
      • Subsequent applications entire 4-week period
  • Benefits
    • $2000 for 4 week block
      • 15 March – April 11
      • 12 April – May 9
      • 10 May – June 6
  • Application
    • CRA My Account
    • Phone 1-800-959-2019
    • Day of the week to apply based on your birth month
      • Monday: Jan-Mar
      • Tuesday: April-June
      • Wednesday: July-Sept
      • Thursday: Oct-Dec
      • Friday-Sunday: anyone
  • Issues
    • Not eligible if you are already receiving EI
    • Self-employed people are eligible, but need to watch the “not working” and “no income” rules (*April 15: up to $1,000 is now permitted)
  • Recommendations
    • Last resort for business-owners
  • To learn more about the Canadian Federal government emergency business concept read the Concept

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