Supplier Statements in Xero

It is easy to create a statement for your customers/debtors in Xero, but at present there is no easy way to create a statement to reconcile your suppliers/creditors. Here is a quick way to simulate a supplier/creditor activity report:

1. From the Account Transactions report, generate a report for the month for the Accounts Payable account and export it to Excel.
2. In Excel delete rows 6 and 8 (these are blank and will prevent the filter from working)
3. Switch on the auto filter.
4. Now search the filter for column C for your contact – accepting “Payment: contact” as well.

You now have a report showing all the activity in the creditor account for the month. If you get the total due to that supplier (from your Aged Payables report for the previous month) the total of these should now agree to the Xero supplier balance (from your Aged Payables report for the current month). Watch a screencast of this here

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Supplier Statements in Xero

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