Recent Changes in Xero

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The last eighteen months has seen some HUGE changes in Xero—our preferred online accounting system. Let’s run down just a few of the significant ones:
About 18 months ago Xero added the ability to attach files to any transaction. You can email files in to a designated “inbox” and then move them to existing transactions or initiate a new transaction and have them attached automatically. In our office, and with many of our clients, we now scan all incoming bills and upload them to Xero. We don’t keep the originals anymore!
Purchase Orders
Part of the Purchases section, a Purchase Order gives you the option of recording a purchase request before it has become an actual expense. You can email the PO to the supplier and then convert the PO (in whole or in part) to a Bill and even to a customer Invoice.
Part of the Sales section, this is similar to Purchase Orders. Now you can record and send out a quote to a customer and convert it to an Invoice once they have accepted. This was only released last month, and there are still a few gaps in the functionality, but it is a most welcome addition.
Batch Deposits
We’ve been able to make batch payments from the Purchases screen for ages (and even generate a file for use in online banking), but now you can create a batch deposit from the Sales screen without having to wait for the deposit to hitStill having trouble? the bank statement.
Still having trouble?
If you are still having trouble getting things working, never fear. Not only is Business Express a Xero Partner, but we have Xero Certified staff. In addition, we are a Xero award-winning firm (2012 Most Valuable Professional award to Peter McCarroll for his contribution to the Xero Community Forum – helping people solve their Xero problems) Our clients are eligible for our “10 minute no-charge” support policy (conditions apply). If you are not a Business Express client we can still help – please send an email ( ) or call us on 04-831-1232 and we can help you sort out your Xero problems quickly and easily (fees apply).

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