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I was at the Xero Conference yesterday. It is exciting to see the trajectory they are on. Here are some of the features that are coming to the Xero core product soon(ish):

  • Document Storage
    • Ability to add documents to any transactions (not just AP Invoices)
    • Ability to add multiple documents
    • Cool drag and drop functionality
    • general storage
    • email to Xero
  • Slight improvements to user roles
  • Ability to designate the outgoing email address
  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory (only a light version)
  • more training videos
  • payment gateways (so that when people see the online invoice that can pay using credit cards etc and not just through PayPal)

Xero are also talking to banks about deeper integration. They are working on (but always dependent on the banks cooperating):

  • more direct Credit Card feeds
  • streamlined bank feed application
  • ability to send payment batches direct to the bank (this would be rad!)

Also, some cool new initiatives for the Accountant side of the platform:

  • Bringing it all together under “Practice Studio”
  • Better staff management (teams)
  • Ability to put clients in Groups (for filtering)
  • Revamp to the interface of Practice Management (WFM)
  • Practice Manager integration with Box, Dropbox & Google Drive
  • New Office 365/Sharepoint product that will give even better document management, storage, templating functionality and content integration (announced some new alliances here)
  • Xero Workpapers

Man – this is a great time to be an Accountant!!! (or at least a geeky one!)

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