How to Capture the Christmas Rush and Grow Your Customer Base

Blog by Fuel Accountants

These days, many people are doing their Christmas shopping online, which means there’s a fantastic opportunity for you to get your business noticed by new customers. People who first find your business online at Christmas become loyal, long-term customers when you give them outstanding customer service and value.

First, you have to attract them.

How do you stand out from other online businesses during the holiday shopping rush?

We have some tips to help you.

Use your email leads

If you’ve got a way of collecting email addresses, use those emails to reach out to your current and potential customers through a holiday marketing campaign. Set up an email blast to let shoppers know about special offers and time-limited discounts. To really grab their attention, offer free shipping or a discount if they click on a link in your email to shop.

Whether you offer goods or services, a friendly reminder email to your clients and customers about your hours over the holiday season is a great way to open the conversation with them. Use the reminder email to alert your customers to new goods or services you offer and invite them to visit your website for more information.

Have an outstanding mobile shopping experience

People don’t want to wait until they’re in front of their computer to make purchases. They want the ability to do so when they’re thinking about it--even if that’s when they’re on their cell phone or tablet. Visitors who use mobile devices need a positive shopping experience, so ensure your site is mobile friendly and easy to navigate no matter what device they’re using.

Adjust your online brand

This doesn’t mean changing your brand, just adjusting it to reflect the season. Update your website to highlight the holidays, create special bonuses and offers that reflect gift-giving priorities, and change your profile pictures and banners to reflect the time of year.

Be visible on social media

Reach out to your network on social media and share your special offers and discounts, or  publish posts about the holidays to generate interest. You could run an online competition where you give away a good or a service in exchange for your followers liking and sharing your posts or tagging their friends in the comments to increase your reach.

Schedule the important dates

Christmas shopping is one way to gain exposure online, but in some regions Boxing Day is a huge day for shopping. In recent years, Boxing Day sales have turned into Boxing Week promotions. Make sure your website is set up to offer special promotions for those days, so customers can take advantage.

When customers make a purchase from you in December, make sure their email receipt mentions your upcoming Boxing Day sales to grab their attention.

Make the decision process easier

When it comes to Christmas shopping, customers have a lot of choice, but there is one important factor that becomes even more vital: can I get this item by Christmas? Make sure you have information on your site informing them of any important ordering cutoffs--and give extra time for the Christmas season. If shipping typically takes 3-5 days, give a 7-day cutoff. Consider offering tracking ability, so your customers can track their orders.

Also make sure they have information about return policies, options for gift receipts if possible, and instructions on any necessary steps they must take to preserve the product, if they’re purchasing food or drinks as a gift.

Final thoughts

The holiday season is a busy one, and you can help your business get noticed online. By adjusting your website and social media, creating an easy and outstanding buying experience and considering special offers at this time of year, you’ll attract and delight your customers enough to keep them coming back.

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