How To Get More Twitter Followers By The End Of 2015

Blog by Fuel Accountants

We are now well on our way through 2015 and already talking about the end of the year. But setting goals is a positive step to changing your future. Everyone wants more Twitter followers. Some make the argument that numbers don’t mean anything, but each number is a person, who could be a potential client.

Having hundreds, thousands, millions of people recognizing YOU is not only an ego boost but good for your professional reputation too.

Imagine someone clicking on your profile and seeing 10,000 followers. Immediately that shows a user that you have something interesting to say, you’re an expert in your industry, people like you, and people know who you are.

They will be more likely to hit that ‘follow’ button after only a glimpse at your profile, compared to if you had 50 followers. This is because you’re demonstrating that you’re popular in your field and active.

More followers provide you with more social authority. You rank higher to similar accounts, especially your competitors.

Twitter makes it easy to spread your ideas and knowledge, especially as your followership grows. More followers mean more people knowing about your firm, which could lead to sales.

It isn’t accidental that people have a big account (by ‘big’, I mean well-established). I know someone with 1.4 million followers across just a handful of accounts and her accounts continue to grow by around 40,000 followers every single month.

It isn’t impossible. It takes a lot of patience, hard work, and determination, but the strategies aren’t overly complicated. Many people are tempted to buy followers, but be aware of this. Twitter can suspend your account, and these followers aren’t active users. Although it will make you look popular, it isn’t much use to your business’s growth.

Firstly, let’s focus on the design of your account. Just like we judge a book by its cover, but hate to admit, we judge Twitter accounts.

Just like you have customized your profile picture, you need to add a cover photo and an interesting bio. Too many times I see a generic bio. Although it is important to explain who you are and what you do, add some personality to it. For example, ‘follow us for advice and news’, or ‘talk to us’. These tiny adjustments show that you’re not just a firm, but friendly, approachable people. Don’t forget to include your website link in the Website section too.

Before you focus on obtaining followers, you need to upload valuable content. A ghostly timeline won’t convince anyone to follow.

Think about what your ‘fans’ will want to read when they visit your profile. They don’t want to see a series of links to your website before they even know you. Most will want engaging content that will help them to grow their business. That way, you are giving people a reason to follow you. People are sceptical about who they follow and they don’t want constant website links clogging up their timeline.

One of the quickest ways to grow your fan base is to follow relevant followers. Most people are kind enough to follow back. Even if you follow 100 people weekly and only 20 hit your ‘follow’ button, that’s 1040 new users annually. Write down how many people you follow a week so you can keep track of this strategy.

Search for similar accounts and follow their followers. Type in keywords and follow those people who are talking about the industry. Spend a little time reading each user’s bio to see if there are any clues that they’ll be interested in your service.

Don’t aggressively follow or you risk having your account suspended. (Twitter doesn’t want you following too many people who aren’t following you back.)

After all, you want these to become clients in the future. Avoid too much promotion. People can unfollow just at a click of a button and be gone forever. So be cautious of telling people how great you are. Let them make that decision by the content you post.

Don’t be shy; speak to your followers. If someone posted an interesting tweet, reply. Or if someone recently followed, welcome them with a personalized, public message.

And if you continue to share a small act of kindness, your followers will return the favor by retweeting your posts. This then introduces you to their followers, and as long as the post is informative, their followers will be likely to follow you too.

Success doesn’t happen overnight; at least, it doesn’t last. Just because you’ve gained 2,000 followers doesn’t mean to say that they’ll all become clients, and equally it doesn’t mean that companies with more followership are any more successful than yours, so don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t gaining as many as you’d like.

You will soon begin to notice that as your account grows, more people begin to interact, visit your website, and phone you to arrange meetings.

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